Child Safety Tips

child safety tips

Tracking Baby Product Recall:
You can check with manufacturers to see if any of their products have been the subject of a safety campaign, which call attention to products that need to be repaired, modified, or replaced. Many times all that is needed is a simple replacement part to improve the product's performance. Other times you may need to return the item for a refund. Evenflo's online system at Evenflo lets you track products that have been recalled. If you have questions about a particular Evenflo safety campaign, you can call the Evenflio Parentlink Department toll free at (1800-233-5921).
The U.S consumer Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risk of serious injury or death from the different types of consumer products that are under the agencys jurisdiction including cribs, car seat, high chair and other baby products. The consumer product safety Commissionhas published a number of free booklets in both English and Spanish and provide informartion about product recalls. To order the publications call the CPSC hotline toll free at (1800-638-2772) or download the documents at Consumer Product Safety Commission
Childproofing Window Blinds:
Consumer Product Safety Commission have received several reports on child strangulations involving cords on window blinds. If you have window blinds with loops bought before 2000, visit the Window Covering Safety Council website at Window Coverings Safety Council or call them toll free at (1800-506-4636) to receive a free repair kit for each set of blinds. The kit includes small plastic attachments to prevent inner cords from being pulled loose. Instructions for cord stop installation are easy to follow, and the repair can be done in minutes without removing the blinds. Another way to protect your child from window blind mishaps is by equipping your blinds with a pair of safety break-away tassels or safety cleats which are available free except for the cost of postage from No Brainer Blinds and Shades. for more information visit No Brainer Blinds or call 1888-466-2724.

Nothing is more important that keeping your precious newborn cargo safe and secure at all times. To see if your childs car seat is up to standard you can check with the manufacturers or call the department of transportation vehicle Safety hotline at (1888-327-4236) this information is also available online at the national Highway Safety Traffic Administration Website at NHTSA. If the seats have been recalled follow the instructions to have it fixed or replaced. If you are not sure that you have installed the seat properly attend a car -seat safety check class, many local fire departments, police stations, health care facilities, and Babies R Us stores periodically hold these events. They will examine your car seat at no charge to make sure that it is installed propperly. To find an inspection location in your area go to seat check. It is a national safety program launched by Daimler Chrysler, the NHTSA, Graco and other organizations to disseminate information about car seat inspection and safety regulations. If you can't afford a car seat there are organizations that will help you, either by giving you a seat or subsidizing one. Call your local police station, county family services department, or hospital. If they have nothing available, then contact the NHTSA, the National Safe KIDS Campaign at Safe Kids or Car Seat. If you are renting a car either near home or at a distant destination, or if you have guest with small children ask your local automobile club or one at your destination if they have loaner car seats available.The Automobile Club of New York has a car seat loaner program that has a limited number of seats available to the American Automobile Association Members for up to two weeks, advance reservations are required check with the club at American Automobile Association New York.

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